Diverse talents with a singular vision

Experience makes all the difference.

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At Glenstar, everything from our curated team of experts to our collaborative work style is designed to be exceptional. We care about increasing property values while being true to our tenants and our investors. We never stop seeking new and creative ways to go beyond.

portrait of michael klein of glenstar

Michael Klein

Co-Founder & Managing Principal

portrait of brian netzky of glenstar

Brian Netzky

Managing Principal

portrait of rand diamond of glenstar

Rand Diamond

Co-Founder & Principal

portrait of micky stefan of glenstar

Mickey Stefan


portrait of michael giese of glenstar

Michael Giese

Executive Director

portrait of colleen cordia of glenstar

Colleen Cordia

Executive Director, Finance & Accounting

portrait of jeff koukol of glenstar

Jeff Koukol

Executive Director

portrait of becky diehl of glenstar

Becky Diehl

Executive Director, Marketing & Customer Experience

portrait of anthony deagostino of glenstar

Anthony DeAgostino

Director, Acquisitions

Cody Balogh

Director, Acquisitions

Adam Parritz


portrait of mike mrachek of glenstar

Mike Mrachek

Executive Director, Construction & Development

portrait of michael deprey of glenstar

Mike DePrey

Executive Director, Construction & Development

portrait of bill saviski of glenstar

Bill Saviski

Managing Director

portrait of christian doman of glenstar

Christian Domin

Managing Director

portrait of ben herzon of glenstar

Ben Herzon


portrait of mike roa of glenstar

Mike Roa

Marketing & Events Manager

portrait of erica collins of glenstar

Erica Collins

Office Administrator

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