Reengineering Industrial Real Estate

Thinking like a user, not a developer.

several workers in orange construction vests guiding a large concrete wall that is being lifted by a crane

Over several decades, our team has curated an unparalleled network of relationships with local brokers, logisticians, users and consultants, giving us unique insight on the key factors tenants evaluate when making site selections. We combine this with local market intel and third-party data analytics to direct every aspect of our development process with one thing in mind: the end user.

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Backed by data

Reverse engineering through the eyes of the user.

Far too often developers are primarily focused on traditional real estate metrics such as rents, absorption, and vacancies to evaluate the viability of a project. We leverage detailed analytics to assess potential sites holistically, from a tenant’s point of view. Our proprietary data model considers operating costs and strategic objectives from multiple perspectives to find sites that best fit the market needs and thereby generating the greatest tenant demand and creating value for our investors.

Key tenant drivers.

From the recent dramatic growth of e-commerce to mass population migration there is fundamental shift in demand occurring.

  • Large scale industrial operations are only successful if users have readily available labor. We have developed a proprietary analytical tool using resources such as third-party labor studies, Esri, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census reports to determine labor availability, competition, wage rates, and population migration trends to qualify sites.

  • As supply chains are modernized for resiliency, highway access and freight volume become critical to site selection decisions. Easy access to critical infrastructure such as interstates, ports, and rail are extremely important. This allows users to serve wider market segments due to logistical advantages.

  • Users are looking for business-friendly states and municipalities that welcome industrial users and may provide incentives for their businesses. Targeting sites in pro-business, low tax locations is an important consideration in the site selection process.

Two construction workers are working on a concrete slab.

Industrial Spec-to-Suit™

Developing with distinction.

Our Spec-to-Suit strategy provides best-in-class speculative industrial product with an expandable footprint to meet customized tenant needs. Each investment begins as a smaller spec development and once a tenant is secured, the building will expand to the tenant’s desired footprint. Should it not expand to its full potential, the remaining land will be available for future development or trailer storage parking, based on market demand and site plan maximization – reducing risk and outsizing returns.

With a hands-on approach and a commitment to true partnership, our team creates spaces that are truly unforgettable.