Glenstar Launches Cyclone Energy Group airPLAN Service in Chicagoland

Cyclone Energy Group announces an airPLAN partnership with Glenstar Properties. Glenstar has launched Cyclone’s airPLAN in all six Chicagoland properties at the start of 2021, totaling over six million square feet of commercial office space. 

Cyclone announced airPLAN, an Indoor Air Quality monitoring service, earlier this year when the collective conversation began to shift to buildings reopening safely. Realizing that indoor air quality would fast become an essential point of value that will be part of the new baseline standard of expectations from the tenant/building occupant, airPLAN was established for building managers to show that they are proactively taking steps to increase and maintain the air quality of their facility. Indoor air quality is an essential measure for property managers to track as a means of providing an environment that is free of common air pollutants. airPLAN provides a valuable tool in making operational adjustments to the building as tenants reoccupy the buildings.

Glenstar was the first portfolio to adopt the program, installing the first monitors in January. According to Michael Giese, Executive Director of Property Services for Glenstar, “we chose airPLAN because it’s important to show our tenants we are proactively monitoring our buildings’ indoor environments. What we like about the program is that in addition to the monitors and the ability to access the data 24/7, we also get the Cyclone team of engineers to help us manage the data and make adjustments when needed to make sure we stay on track.”

Each sensor module Cyclone deploys streams over 1.4 million air quality data points to the cloud every day. The air quality dashboard simplifies the data allowing for a real-time look in on spaces throughout the building. Cyclone engineers monitor the buildings and help identify strategies to fin-tune operations to balance a healthy indoor environment with an energy efficient building. Reports to the building show more useful data than traditional indoor air quality testing that only takes a snapshot in time

“Creating a healthy indoor environment for occupants to use, enjoy, and feel safe is our top priority. airPLAN is a service that not only helps build confidence with reopening, it provides a platform to maintain a healthy and efficient building.” says Benjamin Skelton, President of Cyclone Energy Group. “In working with Glenstar, we’ve been able to monitor the impact of tenants returning to the office and advise on operational adjustments that not only maintain the air quality, but don’t penalize the properties’ energy costs.”

To find out more, join Benjamin and Michael on Wednesday July 14 at 11am CT, when they will co-host a BOMA Chicago webinar, “Measuring and Maintaining Healthy Indoor Air Quality”

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airPLAN: Trusted Advisors + Technology = Enhanced Built Environments

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