True partners in property.

The best buildings are greater than the sum of their square footage.

Brick by brick, each element combines to form a complete experience, one that makes every day inspiring. And just like those iconic spaces, Glenstar is more than just the services we offer. Because we aren’t just a property manager, or a developer or an investor. Our nimble and vertically integrated structure is why we are the best partner for every aspect of a building. 

Vertical Integration


Our highly experienced team excels at finding opportunities that no one else sees. We look at every aspect of a property and create a strategic plan to maximize its potential, whether that means redeveloping, rebranding or more.


We have extensive experience as both a principal and an advisor. Our deep understanding of the market helps us to maintain a thoughtful approach to development—one that is efficient, detail-oriented and committed to keeping projects on time and on budget.


Using strong market insights and our unique skill in identifying ideal tenants and buyers, we focus our efforts on finding the smartest solutions to the challenges of leasing and selling properties.


Our team is skilled at identifying the unique needs of properties and creating plans for maintenance and upgrades that retain tenants, reduce costs and increase value. And we regularly assess and refine our approach, leading to happier tenants and greater satisfaction.

We Are Glenstar

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