At Glenstar, we don’t see properties for what they are. We see them for what they can be.

Glenstar is a vertically integrated commercial real estate firm specializing in industrial, office and residential property. We leverage our depth and experience in order to build value and deliver exceptional environments – whether it’s from the ground up or the walls in. With a hands-on approach and a commitment to true partnership, our team of industry veterans is a leading force in shaping the future of real estate.

About Glenstar

“As a tenant for nearly 20 years, we have seen multiple transitions in management and couldn’t be happier with Glenstar’s improvements to the property. Prior to the updates, it was a place we just came to work. Now it feels like a true community. We enjoy working outside the office in the buzzing atrium and bright new tenant lounge.”

Tenant at Schaumburg Corporate Center

Creating connections.

Communities are built around more than just sharing an address. Glenstar Connect is a vibrant social program offering activities for every type of interest.

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